The Neymar-Unai Emery player coach relationship was never going to run smooth. Emery has a history of overbearing man-management.


The 25-year-old has always had issues following orders, but his recent fall-out with PSG boss Unai Emery has caused friction at the Ligue 1 club
Since his €222 million move from Barcelona, Neymar has proved a a divisive figure at Paris Saint-Germain.
The Brazil international’s fall-out with team-mate Edinson Cavani over which of the two forwards took a penalty awarded in PSG’s 2-0 victory over Lyon earlier in the season caused tension at the capital club, and his relationship with manager Unai Emery is evidently strained.

This is the coach who used to give his players a pen-drive on the eve of every match so they could study their direct rivals and when he suspected one player was not watching the video files, tricked him by giving him a blank pen-drive and then quizzing him about the contents.
French defender Jeremy Mathieu fell into the trap: ‘Yes boss very helpful’.
Emery is as smart as he is intense, so he will not have been handing Neymar information packs on the next defenders he is going to come up against.
But he is still very hands-on and if Paris Saint-Germain’s all-time record signing becomes kingmaker at the club then it will not be the Basque coach he favours.
Emery has never had to a handle a dressing room full of such high-earning players before and he is also in no position to question Neymar’s commitment because he failed in Ligue 1 and in the Champions League last season.
He finds himself in a position of weakness – the world record signing is beyond his reproach.
Privately Emery sees Neymar’s antics over Edinson Cavani’s penalty-taking duties as completely against all he believes in. There is also a suspicion that this season Neymar will pick his games in the domestic calendar so as to rest before Champions League games and Brazil internationals this season.


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