iPhone X sold out in just a few minutes


he most important iPhone upgrade in years is finally here. The iPhone X is available for preorder from Apple and its retail partners in more than 55 countries and territories. That’s certainly an impressive number of markets that get to preorder Apple’s best iPhone of the year. But that doesn’t mean there will be enough stock to meet launch demand.

As it looks now, the iPhone X is already selling out, with ship times already slipping past the November 3rd launch date.

Apple will never tell us how many iPhone X units it has on hand for launch, and don’t expect it to reveal any launch sales numbers either.

The most recent unofficial reports said that Apple will have 2-3 million iPhone X units for launch, with supply supposed to significantly improve by Christmas. But even so, the same stories claim that Apple may only produce some 20 million units this year, or about half of its original goal for 2017.

That said, it’s not surprising to see the iPhone X selling out across the world. The 64GB model seems to have been the first one to sell out, with ship times having slipped to 1-2 weeks. But the other models are also selling out quick, so your best bet to find one on launch day is the Apple Store.

In a press release a few days ago, Apple said that all of its stores will have iPhone X stock on November 3rd, but it also advised buyers to come in early to score one.

The iPhone X appears to be selling out around the world as well, not just the US. In France, delivery for the 64GB model also slipped to late November.


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