Hamilton won’t slap a ‘1’ on his car for anything in the world


ewis Hamilton is under pressure for 2018 to use the n°1 race number traditionally associated with reigning world champions, but the Briton will have none of it.

For the past few years, drivers have allowed to choose a personal and permanent race number, leaving the world champion with the option of not using number ‘1’.

Hamilton’s performance level eroded by 2017 title
Hamilton has been associated with number ’44’, and indeed the four-time world champion has built his brand partly around that double digit, and he wants to keep it forever although a bit of creative work could perhaps accommodate the demand for change.

“My engineers want me to and some other people want me to,” he admitted to Brazil’s Globo.

“They’re trying to get me to put the number 1 on the car, but I don’t plan to change. The 44 is personal. Everyone has a lucky number.

“Maybe I’ll put the 1 in the 44 or something — maybe we can play around and do something like that.

“But I really don’t like this number 1 thing. Other drivers have had it in the past but 44, that’s mine,” Hamilton smiled


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